Your Delivery Pizza Is About To Get So Much Better

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A new company in California called Zume has announced a pizza innovation. It created trucks that bake your pizza while it's being delivered, ensuring that it shows up at your doorstep just as hot and perfect as if you'd gone to a restaurant.
We understand you might need a minute to process the idea of bubbly cheese and a still-crisp crust at home.

"The major difference between the pizza you get at a pizzeria and delivery pizza is dwell time," Zume CEO Julia Collins explained to Eater, referring to the time a pizza spends sitting in a cardboard box in the back of a delivery person’s car.

The Zume truck looks like any other delivery truck, except it is equipped with 56 ovens. Each uses traffic-predicting technology to automatically turn on the oven with your pizza when the truck is en route. It's all timed so that each pizza is perfectly cooked when it arrives at your door.
But how? The pizza ovens run on the truck's diesel engine and cook each pizza at 800 degrees for 3.5 minutes. It's then ejected into a special Zume pizza box made from compressed sugar cane fiber and specially designed to keep the crust from getting soggy. The driver (called a pie-lot) slices your pizza and brings it to your door.
Eater also notes that Zume has patented its baking-truck technology and hopes to create other kinds of delivery trucks that will bring freshly baked foods to our happy homes. While it's just in Mountain View, CA, now, Zume is adding more trucks and expanding to San Jose before the end of the year. After that, it plans to head to San Francisco and, eventually, the rest of the country.

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