Could Hilary Duff Be Recording Music With Justin Bieber?

There's a rumor going around on Twitter that Hilary Duff and Justin Bieber are making music together. It appears to have started with the Hilary Duff News account, which tweeted, "RUMOR: Is @HilaryDuff working with @justinbieber on new music?" Included in the tweet is a screenshot of a Google search result linking to the website of TV and radio host Jennifer Hutt. You'll see it if you Google "Jennifer Hutt Hilary Duff." The description on Google reads "Hilary Duff talks new music, working with Bieber, and more." The tweet also contains four photos of Duff holding up signs. One reads "What do you mean? Day 12" and the three others read "Justin Bieber 12 days What do you mean?"
What do you mean, Hilary? The photos are from last year, when Bieber had a number of celebrities help him promote "What Do You Mean?" with signs, according to Just Jared Jr. But what about the info from Hutt's site? Could there be a joint project in the works? The two artists would make a killer combination. Duff and Bieber do already have a few connections. She signed with his agent last month, according to The Daily Mail. And all evidence suggests Hilary could very well be a belieber. In addition to her help promoting his single, she shared a video of her sister's baby shower set to "Baby," and she's been spotted at a Justin Bieber concert. Weirdly, nothing about Hilary Duff can be found on the page of Hutt's website that the search result links to. That hasn't stopped fans from freaking out, though.
In any case, we'll definitely be looking out for any interviews Hutt conducts with Hilary.

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