Judge Orders Justin Bieber To Report For Deposition

Photo: People Picture /Jens Hartmann/Shutterstock.
Justin Bieber's presence is requested in Florida, but, unfortunately for him, not by his fans. According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Bieber to come back to Miami for a deposition in a case filed by a photographer against his bodyguards. Manuel Muñoz claims that in January 2014, Bieber's bodyguards attacked him inside a Subway restaurant after he attempted to take a picture of the pop star exiting a club. The New York Daily News reported that in Muñoz's lawsuit he claimed that the bodyguard chased him into the Subway and locked him in, kicking and punching him before stealing his camera's memory card. In the original police report, Muñoz said the bodyguard tripped him causing a "small scratch on his knee." The judge is giving Bieber 30 days to return the city for a sit-down with lawyers, which reportedly will include a discussion of his past run-ins with paparazzi. Bieber has been sued by several other photographers, including Miami photog Jeffrey Binion, who claimed that in 2013 Bieber's bodyguard attacked him for taking a photo outside a Miami-area recording studio. The pop star settled the suit in 2015. TMZ also reported that the deposition is set to be filmed, which does not make Bieber's lawyers very happy. Probably, because the last time Bieber was deposed on camera, it didn't go well. If Bieber does not come willingly to Miami in those 30 days, the judge will issue a writ of bodily attachment, which means Bieber would be taken in by the sheriff. Bieber will have to make time in his busy Purpose tour schedule though, since he is currently on tour in Europe until the end of November.

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