Idina Menzel Would Totally Do A Wicked Movie If She Was Bribed

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Idina Menzel is best known for her voice which has brought to life some of the most beloved characters of all-time: Elphaba in Broadway's Wicked and Queen Elsa in Disney's Frozen. But in addition to being able to belt out musical notes to perfection, she also has a fiery sense of humor which she showed off during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session she hosted in honor of a her new album. Idina is her first original studio album in eight years, but going so far as to host a Reddit AMA is a ballsy move. Things can get pretty weird in the depths of Reddit. After reading through the hundreds of questions asked, we learned a few amazing things about Menzel, and her future career that we had to share. First, she revealed that she would totally be in a Wicked film. But under a few conditions: "bribery. lots and lots of money. protests outside of studio. xo," she wrote. She also joked that she finally put to rest the mystery of who Adele Dazeem is (who can forget that epic John Travolta flub). Menzel writes "she's amazing. she's beautiful and talented and funny. sings really hard rock. great real boobs." One thing she wasn't ready to talk about though was her recent engagement to Aaron Lohr. When one fan asked how he proposed she simply replied, "none of your business. xo." Fair enough. But let's get to work on that Wicked bribery, stat.

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