British Writer Mocks Emma Watson’s U.N. Speech: “Whining, Leftie, PC Crap”

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Emma Watson is most famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the internationally-known and appreciated film series, Harry Potter. She is also known for her active voice in conversations about feminism, equal rights, and other humanitarian causes. Watson graduated from Brown University and in July 2014, became a Global Ambassador for the United Nations. For years she has dedicated her time and notability to bring attention to the United Nations's HeForShe campaign, focused on gender equality. Her dynamic career, from beloved child star, to passionate advocate in the U.N. is inspirational for young girls everywhere. But, apparently, it does not resonate with older white British journalists like Rod Liddle, who found a recent speech of hers at the "Together for the 2030 Agenda: Partnering for Women, Children and Adolescents, to Thrive and Transform the World” to be totally worthless. His column ran in The Sun, a British newspaper, and included a picture of the actress speaking at a podium. His demeaning words were plastered right next to her face, as if adding even more insult to injury by nearly covering up her image with them. Another journalist shared a picture of the page in a tweet — which quickly spread around the internet.
First, he pretended to think that the fictional Potter character was her real identity. What a clever joke, Liddle. He continued on with the schtick, writing "instead of telling them all the rules of quidditch or how to turn someone into a frog, she bored with all rigid with whining, leftie, PC crap." Liddle doesn't think that Watson, a celebrity, has valuable opinions. (Obviously, the U.N. disagrees, so I'll let you decide who has the better character judgement here.) Liddle ended his rant by comparing her to another famous humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, by poking fun at the news of her divorce from Brad Pitt. It sounds to me like someone is a bit jealous of such impactful women making a difference and using their voice in the world. Thanks for giving us more of an opportunity to sing their praises. We sure do love Hermione Granger and all her silly ideas of gender equality. I encourage you to watch the video of her speech below.

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