Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Be On Game Of Thrones

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty.
Last we saw Daniel Radcliffe, he was riding a farting corpse across the ocean. That's totally okay! Radcliffe's post-Potter career choices have veered into the absurd (see: farting corpse) and the experimental. Last summer, he enjoyed a cameo in Trainwreck and then played a young Jon Hamm in A Young Doctor's Notebook. He seems wary of projects that resemble the Harry Potter franchise at all. I don't blame him — he spent a long time working on that series and it's important that the public view him as something other than The Boy Who Lived. However, he recently expressed interest in a show that is at least a little bit like Harry Potter. The actor told Digital Spy that he wants to be on Game Of Thrones. He told the site,"If [the Game of Thrones producers] want to just bring me in and fucking kill me, I would be so happy to do that."

Take a minute to let that digest. The Boy Who Lived wants to be on the Show That Lets No One Live. Naturally, Radcliffe doesn't want to live on the show — he wants to die! In what would be a very Bill Murray-esque move, Radcliffe wants to go on the show and promptly lose his life. Logistically, this is because he doesn't want to sign a contract for seven years of television. Once upon a time, he promised nine years of his life to a movie franchise and doesn't need that kind of commitment again. (But like, how does he feel about committing to me?!) If I were David Benioff, and I'm not saying I'm not David Benioff, I would cast Radcliffe immediately. His character would ride into King's Landing on a farting corpse. At some point, he would die, but not before I (and the rest of America) died, because Harry Potter was on Game of Thrones. (HelloGiggles)

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