This Is The First Sex Toy Made Specifically For Trans Men

Even as the sex toy market continues to expand, there remain a few vital "firsts" for the industry to tackle. This week, with the arrival of the Buck-Off, trans men now have the first sex toy they can call their own.

Buck Angel, trans male activist and creator of the Buck-Off, spoke with VICE about what makes it such an important toy for this particular group of people.

"When you transition, you want to have a penis, you want to feel like a man, and so you don't necessarily want to touch your vagina," he said.

That's why the Buck-Off is marketed as a "stroker," a type of sleeve often built to simulate a vagina, anus, or mouth. What sets it apart from other sleeves on the market is that it's shorter, wider, and can make its own suction, which "allows you to masturbate without touching your vagina," Angel explained.

The Buck-Off has only been available for purchase for less than a week, but satisfied customers are already starting to show their thanks.

"I think I'm gonna get the best effects once I'm actually on hormone replacement, but even so, it's GORGEOUS and GLORIOUS and I can't even begin to thank you enough, you are the complete and utter best," one user wrote.

Another emphasized the positive effects this toy can have on trans men's transitions: "I've tried everything under the sun to feel right masturbating, but now, I finally feel like the man I am when doin it."

Hopefully, there are more options to come for trans men, but this is an incredibly important, meaningful "first." With the Buck-Off, trans men have an opportunity to feel more at home in their transitioning bodies while experiencing pleasure — and no one should have to miss out on that.

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