Solange Drops Beyoncé-Style Cryptic Messages On Instagram

Solange is taking a page from her sister's book. The singer, designer, and younger sister of Beyoncé is teasing mysterious brand-new content on her Instagram and website. Earlier today, she posted an Instagram with instruction for her 1.6 million followers to go to her website and sign-up to receive a special e-mail. Then, 86 lucky Solange fans would be sent a golden ticket providing them access to "a seat at the table in the mail...first come...first served..." What seat?
What table?
What's being served?
Will there be lemonade?
I obviously signed up to be one of the chosen few to sit at Solange's table, and received an email in return reading, "solange journal edition 1. i'm going look for my body yeah. i'll be back real soon...86 of you will receive a seat at the table in the mail. first come, first served. all love, solange." There was also a video of her dancing in a see-through raincoat embedded in the note. After waiting patiently, I saw she had updated her status to read: "Update: Thank you all for signing up. The seats are all reserved... But stay tuned for more." Bummer. To investigate further, I headed over to Bey's Instagram, but there were no clues, only a week-old picture from the latest leg of her Formation Tour. Finally, I returned back to Solange's website, and realized that the homepage was more than a homepage. It was also a slideshow of photography featuring Solange and other artists that changed whenever I refreshed the page.

New Website... Refresh for surprises✨ (in bio) Photography by : @carlota_guerrero

A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

I can't wait to see what visionary work Solange has dreamt up for us.

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