Michelle Obama’s Late Show Skit Proves She’s Still The Coolest

All hail the FLOTUS with the mostest. Stephen Colbert's "Blanket Fort" skit got one very high-profile guest last night: first lady Michelle Obama. Obama appeared on Tuesday's Late Show to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, which strives to offer access to education for girls around the world. While there, she found herself hanging out in Colbert's fort and pretending to be a young girl. A young girl who dutifully eats her veggies, of course. FLOTUS wasted no time in offering up a Beyoncé shout-out. The pop star is the person she'd most like to be stranded with on a desert island (Colbert chose her husband, President Obama). Donald Trump was the butt of a joke about carrots turning your skin orange, and if someone doesn't go as "Pirate Joe Biden" for Halloween, we're going to be awfully disappointed. Bottom line: We're going to miss this woman next year. Who else is going to make wink-wink cracks about how babies are born without coming off as creepy? Bill or Melania?

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