Watch Michelle Obama & Ellen Discover Boxed Wine At CVS

Life is going to change drastically for the entire first family once President Obama leaves the White House at the end of the year. In order to help first lady Michelle Obama prep for this big transition, Ellen DeGeneres took her on a trip to CVS to stock up on the life essentials that normal people can't live without. DeGeneres is there to teach the FLOTUS the ins and outs of pharmacy shopping, but she ends up being a hilarious distraction, instead. The duo explores the different aisles, grabbing basics like toilet paper and hitting up the Coinstar machine. Eventually, they find their way to the section where the most essential of essentials is sold: the wine aisle. Here, they discover wine in a box, a staple of the 99%. DeGeneres picks up the box and, after some initial hesitation, Obama says, "We need cups." She really is a first lady after our own hearts. Though their intentions are pure, it becomes immediately clear that neither has ever purchased or consumed Franzia (or boxed wine of any kind), because both of them struggle to figure out how it works. They turn to the other customers for guidance, shouting, "How do you open wine in a box?" The shot cuts to a woman walking them through the process. When the wine is finally flowing, they pass out full Solo cups to a group of ladies. Now that's a cocktail party we'd love to be invited to. DeGeneres and Obama autograph the Franzia box for the woman who helped them as a reward for her patience. As Obama discovered, you can drink boxed wine for a full six weeks after opening it, so it's really a gift that keeps on giving. Watch the full video to see more CVS shenanigans from DeGeneres and first lady Michelle Obama — and pick up some tips on how to operate boxed wine.

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