Here’s Who Investigators Accuse Of Killing JonBenét Ramsey

CBS investigators pointed the finger at a suspect in the JonBenét Ramsey case during the conclusion of two-night special The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey. Their four-hour documentary fingered brother Burke Ramsey, no surprise to viewers of the first night of the program. The investigation found that the killing was not intentional, but implicated the family in covering up the crime. Many found Burke's appearance on Dr. Phil suspicious. However, he has not been formally charged with a crime. Twitter reaction to the accusation was swift and not at all surprised. Viewer reaction to the program has been mixed overall, with critics saying that it failed both as trash viewing and as an investigation. Some still didn't believe that Burke had done it.
Naturally, theories about the killer abounded before the program. And now they still abound, since the program is just entertainment and not, you know, an actual investigation. A second, perhaps stronger reaction, was about the consumption of pineapples in milk. A curious choice to be sure.

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