Ellie Kemper’s Red Carpet Makeup Intervention Was 100% Merited

You know what's the worst? When you're walking around all day with lipstick on your teeth and no one tells you. Give a gal a heads up. It's better to know and be momentarily embarrassed and move on with your life than be caught unaware in the bathroom mirror, hours after the fact. Ellie Kemper had one of those moments at Sunday night's Emmy Awards. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star was chatting it up with an ABC red carpet reporter when she found out that her lipstick was smeared on her pearly whites. Kemper thanked the reporter for breaking the news — and also pointed out that not all women would speak up. Listen to the full exchange in the clip. She's right: For mind boggling reasons, sometimes people stay silent about this sort of stuff. But P.S.A. folks: If you see something, say something, even if it's a big leafy piece of salad stuck between someone's front teeth. It's just the right thing to do — especially when there are hundreds of photographers present.

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