Did You Catch This Glimpse Of Lady Gaga In The Latest American Horror Story Trailer?

Lady Gaga was nowhere to be found in the season 6 premiere of American Horror Story, but you may have just missed her in the extended trailer for this mysterious season. According to the Huffington Post, Gaga appears to make a brief cameo in the official trailer that gives a few hints on what this season, dubbed My Roanoke Nightmare, is really about. But blink and you may miss her. Gaga, who was last seen as the Countess on AHS: Hotel, is believed to be the woman standing behind a very angry, torch-carrying Kathy Bates at the trailer's seven second mark.
Missed it? Well, here's a closer look at the possible Gaga sighting.
Photo: FXNetworks/YouTube.
Though the closing credits of the season premiere confirm Gaga will show up in Roanoke, she has yet to confirm this is actually her. But that hasn't stopped Redditors from trying to figure out who Gaga will be in this season, which revolves around the mystery surrounding the Roanoke colony in North Carolina that disappeared in 1590. Based on this shot in the trailer, one Redditor believes Gaga is wearing a tooth on her head, questioning whether this means she could be the one behind that hail storm of teeth in the premiere. Others on Reddit though are more interested in another quick shot in the trailer, which seems to show a man wearing a pig head roasting on an open fire. The theory being that this could be a clear nod to the piggy man story told in the first season of AHS. Perhaps, a clear sign that things are coming full circle. Of course, that's just one of the many theories surrounding season 6, which is scarily blending fact and fiction.

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