Miley Cyrus Cursed On Live TV & It’s Actually Endearing

During an appearance on Today, Miley Cyrus gave us a rare moment of candidness when she thought the mic was off.
"I don't know what to do with my face right now," she worried in a clip shared by Hollywood Life. "What should I do with it?" Then, of course, she stuck her tongue out. Her unpolished act makes a lot more sense when you find out what she believed: "There's no sound, so it doesn't matter what I'm saying, right?" she asked. Wrong. We all heard it — and we also heard "Fuck!" right after. This ties with Rihanna suppressing "motherfucking" then saying "fuck" anyway a few seconds later during the Billboards for the title of best curse on live TV.
Savannah Guthrie also asked Miley about the engagement ring on her finger, but she corrected her, saying, "I've got three rings." She has two watermelon- and strawberry-shaped rings because they were "really cute," she said, but as for the other one, all we got was, "I didn’t pick this one out."
If only she thought the mic was off during that portion.

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