Tampon Texting Mom Reveals The True Story Of Her Daughter’s Drugstore Saga

Photographed by: Tayler Smith.
By now you've probably read those viral texts exchanged between a mother and her daughter while in pursuit of tampons. (And if you haven't, you won't want to miss out on the drama of the ages.) Understandably, the story has now been shared everywhere, and the original Facebook post has received more than 60,000 shares — something that has the mom pretty surprised. In a new Facebook post, Belinda Hankins, who originally shared the exchange between herself and her daughter, took some time to clear the air about the true story of their drugstore saga. "I am going to address this one time and be done with responding — this wild ride that has been the accidental creation of a 'viral' internet thing," Hankins wrote, going on to explain that she didn't intend for the texts to sweep the internet like they did. "I posted screenshots of a text exchange between myself and my daughter, AS I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS, because I thought it was funny." Apparently, some people didn't just laugh at the hilarious texts, though; they took the time to criticize Hankins' parenting, because she let her daughter go into the store by herself. So Hankins goes on to address those critics. "The idea that she is incapable of walking into a store, buying a thing, and walking back out to where I am parked 10 feet from the entrance is just... I don't even know what that is," Hankins wrote, making clear that she had only waited in the car because their trip to the store was meant to be short. Lastly, Hankins addressed the numerous "trolls" who "come along and try to steal our sunshine," opting to be the bigger person. "I won’t be a troll. Y’all don’t be trolls, either, okay? The world very obviously does not need even one more." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. You can read Hankins' whole post, below.

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