Fans Can’t Believe How Much This Cosplayer Looks Like Margot Robbie

Regardless of how critics responded to Suicide Squad, enthusiasm for Harley Quinn cosplay is alive and well — and about to kick into high gear now that Halloween is around the corner. One cosplayer has a bit of an advantage when it comes to dressing up as the naughty superhero: She bears an uncanny resemblance to Margot Robbie. Meet 21-year-old Aussie Laura.
"Looking at you and Margot as Harley Quinn side by side, I really can't tell the difference between you two, wow," one user commented on Laura's Instagram. Indeed, if you scroll down her page, it's difficult to discern which are official Suicide Squad movie stills and which are her own selfies. She has the same eyes, eyebrows, delicate nose, and, most importantly, that mischievous grin of Robbie's. "Secret younger sister of Margot Robbie?" asked another user. "Or have you beautiful Aussies figured out successful cloning? either way you're gorgeous and do some awesome cosplay. Keep it up!" Just before Oz Comic Con this week, Laura revealed to BuzzFeed Australia that she's been a fan of the Suicide Squad character since high school. "I am just so thrilled I can bring smiles by dressing up and having fun," she told the site. Here's a post of what she looks like without the comic-inspired garb.
It looks like we'll soon be able to hear her tips on Harley cosplay, since she just launched her own YouTube channel. Step 1: Be genetically blessed?

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