Who Is The Other Woman In Fifty Shades Darker?

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Fifty Shades
fans, things are about to get real dark. The trailer for the sequel is here, and we have six whole months until the actual film arrives on Valentine's Day. Luckily the preview gave us a few mysterious morsels to investigate in the meantime. Like, in between the sexy scenes of the duo playing with masquerade masks and steamy shower forays, there was one major question: Who the heck was that woman lurking in the shadows by Anastasia and Christian's bed? If you're like me and it's been a hot minute since you read the books, you might need a refresher after seeing the trailer. Upon some quick Googling, I was reminded that the mystery woman is character Leila Williams, played by British actress Bella Heathcote. You may recall that Leila was an ex-submissive of Christian's who began stalking him after a bad breakup. She shows up in his life again in the second installment of the trilogy to slash Anastasia's car — and her own wrists, in front of Christian's housekeeper. Whew. In the trailer, Leila creepily hangs — with bandaged wrists — in Christian's kitchen. "Do you think you're the first woman who's tried to save him?" she taunts Anastasia. I have to admit, she reminds me more of the scary little girl in The Ring than what I imagined Leila would look like. But alright, Fifty Shades Darker, you've got me on the edge of my seat until February. Watch the full trailer below.

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