Justin Bieber’s L.A. House Is As Cool As You Imagined

Photo: Comi/Terenghi/REX/Shutterstock.
Justin Bieber is showing off his Los Angeles home and giving fans a glimpse of where the magic happens. Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about music here. In a video for BBC Radio 1, Bieber gives a tour of his L.A. pad, allowing fans a closer look at the place he likes to call home when he's not on the road. Specifically, he likes to hang out in the pool, which has an "awesome" water slide. The kind that would make Taylor Swift jealous. He goes rowing everyday. He even said being outside offers him a bit of inspiration, thanks to the "wisdom tree," which he hikes up to pretty regularly. Bieber was all about showing off his big backyard pond, which is filled with plastic crocodiles he bought online (stars are just like us) and real live fish. Though he likes to go bass fishing, the Biebz doesn't eat what he catches because the pond is "pretty dirty." Don't worry though, his private chef cooks him up something that won't make him sick on the biggest BBQ ever. But the real takeaway from this video is that Bieber has the cutest dog. And unlike Bieber, Todd has his own Instagram.