This Is Why Ewan McGregor’s Penis Is So Famous

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.
We are here today to address a fact that I only recently learned. As an average Ewan McGregor fan (Moulin Rouge, Stars Wars, Big Fish), I knew I loved his movies, but I had no idea that his penis was famous. That's because it has appeared in more movies than some actors ever will. As Esquire writes, McGregor "has done more full-frontal nudity scenes than any other A-list actor working today." I mean, I do remember seeing a few lightsabers in Star Wars, but not that kind. It turns out that his nude scenes are not only numerous, but also quite esteemed. His penis has been written about for both its dimensions and its prevalence. It's stolen the spotlight in four films: Trainspotting, The Pillow Book, Velvet Goldmine, and Young Adam. Considering how often women are shown nude on screen, his total tally seems pretty small. But good for McGregor for working against the status quo. If you're wondering what his parents think of his unofficial status as Most Naked A-List Actor, they're pretty proud — "I'm glad you inherited one of my major attributes," his father wrote to him via fax in what might be the best dad response ever.

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