Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: The Most Powerful Person In The Room

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Hello, friends. The race to the finish no longer seems to be in the hands of Mr. Robot. fsociety is quickly becoming a thing in between the FBI and the Dark Army -- with Evil Corp somehow pulling the strings. We open with a strange scene, in which Evil Corp's CEO asks "The Last Honest Man," former Evil Corp executive Winston Campbell to help get the US Ambassador to abstain from a vote that would allow China to take control of the Congo. What the end game is there is still a mystery, as the episode dives into the minutia of the FBI chase for the rest of the episode -- talk about an agency missing the big picture. Last week, it seemed like we were going to get closer to the Wellicks, as Joanna waited for Elliot to ask him some questions about Tyrell's whereabouts. We did, but not in the way we expected. The show opening jumped us back in time, to watch her get ready for her ambush. The juxtaposition of her cool exterior and the chaotic music was like taking a step into the mind of a woman on the edge of sanity. She ropes Elliot into helping her track the phone she's convinced Tyrell gave her. The exercise, in which Elliot impersonates a police officer as his hack, makes him wonder what about this situation is scaring Mr. Robot off. It seems likely that Mr. Robot lied about killing Tyrell. The fisheye lens shot where Elliot asks us to look around his apartment, or "home," to see what Mr. Robot wanted them to go back for is certainly going to come back in the finale next week. Darlene is losing her moral compass when the episode begins, while her (ex?) boyfriend Cisco is working on being the hero/downfall of them both. Once Dom starts putting the pieces together that put him at the scene of two crimes of interest, she's locked in on finding him and figuring out what his part in the hack was. As has become typical for Dom, she gets there just in time to be on the wrong end of the Dark Army's guns. When the episode is over, it's unclear if Darlene and Cisco are alive. Let's talk about Angela, also known as Claudia Kincaid, the girl who ran away in to the museum in From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a callback to the story of how she and Elliot ran away to the museum together as children. That's the pseudonym Elliot has for her in his phone, we learn when she texts him to meet. They do, on the F train, and she tells him she knows he is fsociety. Angela drops a bomb on all of us when she asks about the time they ran away to the museum and Elliot was angry at everyone because they couldn't see him -- has he been seeing Mr. Robot for longer than we know?
And then, there's the kiss. That was quite a goodbye.

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