This Humans Of New York Photo Reveals A Simple But Genius Relationship Tip

A recent photo posted to the Humans of New York Facebook page depicts a couple, laughing into the camera, standing in the middle of a park pathway. The accompanying text reads like a rom-com that needs to be made ASAP — and includes a relationship tip that's honestly pretty smart. "We met in college. He walked me home from school every day for five years. We would talk about everything: how many kids we wanted, how we wanted to raise them, our roles in the home, where we wanted to live, and even where we wanted to go on vacation. So there really haven’t been many surprises," the post begins. "A lot of couples only seem to talk about important things if they’re forced to make big decisions. And there can be this moment of: ‘I didn’t really know you.’ And there’s pressure to make a decision. And that’s when the biggest arguments seem to happen. We've luckily managed to avoid that because it’s all been discussed before." You're not alone if these two just became your new relationship role models. Not only do they know that they're on the same page when it comes to major life decisions, it appears that they figured that out gradually and naturally — all thanks to their commute. As simple as it may sound, spending time together regularly, no matter how brief, can have a major impact on your relationship and happiness. If you rarely make time to see your S.O., that can easily make already big conversations (whether about careers, kids, marriage, or anything else) feel much bigger than they need to be. It looks like this park-strolling couple has managed to sidestep surprises in their relationship because they've worked these sorts of conversations into their daily routine. And, if they weren't adorable enough already, get ready to feel extra warm and fuzzy: They've been married for 15 years and still walk each other home. Check out the photo and the full post below.

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