Leslie Jones Live-Tweeting The Point Break Remake Kind Of Makes Us Actually Want To Watch It

Hate all you want, trolls. Leslie Jones is back to her Twitter ways and the world is better (and funnier) for it.

The Saturday Night Live star, fresh off her Summer Olympics commentary, has taken to live-tweeting films now. Unfortunately, her cinematic tastes leave a little something to be desired. The Strain? The Maze Runner? The 2015 remake of Point Break? Really?

Jones' comments, however, make even the biggest flop entertaining.

"Ok watching the new Point Break," she tweeted. "Damn all these tattoos and chests! YAAAAAASSSS! I want to break some points. Heh heh heh.

"Yo opening scene FUCKING major!" she added. "Fuck that adrenaline rush! Did you not think he was gonna fly off the mountain. It's a mountain MAN!!"

She was also happy to express her appreciation for stars Luke Bracey and Édgar Ramirez, despite the fact that they're no Keanu Reeves or Patrick Swayze, who starred in the 1991 original. Never forget.

As you can see from these tweets, Jones had a lot of opinions. Watch your back, Richard Roeper.

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