Pitch Perfect 3 Hits An Important Goal For Women In Hollywood

Brace yourselves, pitches. Pitch Perfect 3 is not only happening, but it's got another female director locked in. Entertainment Weekly reports that Trish Sie, the director of Step Up All In, will take the helm from Elizabeth Banks, who produced and directed the Pitch Perfect franchise's second film. Banks made the announcement on Twitter and will return as a producer on the third film. EW reports that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are on board to return for the third film, as well.
Why is this a big deal? It puts women in the power seat on a massive money-making franchise. Banks has been a producer since the series' first film and both were written by Kay Cannon (30 Rock, New Girl), who will also pen the third. When Banks stepped into the director role for the second Pitch Perfect film, it meant that there was a woman in control of every creative aspect of the franchise. On directing Pitch Perfect 2, Banks told Time, "I felt ready and wanted to do it, of course, but I also felt like once I said yes, I couldn’t screw it up. There was definitely that pressure. It is very rare, and because it’s rare, I unfortunately — whether I like it or not — am taking on a role here...if I didn’t do it well, they would absolutely say, 'If she couldn’t do it, I guess women can’t do it!'"
But do it she did, to the tune over an over $100 million gross for the sequel. Women get to play another day in the Pitch Perfect sandbox.
We're excited to know that's going to continue with Sie on the third film, especially in light of how difficult it is to get Hollywood to let women sit in that director's chair.

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