We Hope This Skywritten Marriage Proposal Over NYC Worked

We love awwwwww-inducing stories, and this one is the most aww-worthy we've seen in a while. Yesterday, someone proposed via a plane skywriting, "Will you marry me," over NYC, Gothamist reports.
The message read, "Will You Marry Me Kristina," in huge letters. The city stopped to gawk at the sweet message and take pictures. It happened during rush hour, at about 6:30 p.m. Judging from social-media accounts, it could be seen from all of lower Manhattan.

Aww, how cute... Skywriting a marriage proposal. Hopefully he/she saw it

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It was quite a spectacle.
While the proposal caught the eyes of many New Yorkers, we do have a few questions: It was pretty windy yesterday, how did the proposer know his or her intended would see it? The message was so large, it was hard to make out the whole thing — NYC doesn't exactly boast an uncluttered skyline — would the intended be able to understand it?
There's no word on whether or not Kristina saw (and accepted) the proposal, or if more than one Kristina called their boy or girlfriend to accept. Congratulations Kristina, wherever you are.

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