7 Stores That You’d Never Guess Have Killer Beauty Sections

Where do you go when it’s time to try a new lipstick or re-up on moisturizer? It’s easy to turn to the usual suspects, like department stores, drugstores, and cult-favorite beauty emporiums. However, more and more, the most delightfully surprising collections of lust-worthy and hard-to-find beauty products are found somewhere you may not think to look: our favorite clothing and lifestyle stores.
As it turns out, those attracted to Nasty Gal’s badass wardrobe picks can also score some of the coolest lipsticks that we’ve seen bubble up from the underground. And if luxe minimalism is your aesthetic? You could find it in a classic jean jacket — or a green, indie shampoo — at The Dreslyn. If you live for small, dainty jewelry, you probably already love Catbird — but did you know the retailer also stocks hand cream and soft, romantic lip colors?
Beauty is everywhere. And if we can trust brands with such well-defined aesthetics to handpick and present the best in clothing, housewares, and more, then why not look to them for the same in beauty? Brooke Taylor Corcia, CEO and founder of The Dreslyn, which started as an online clothing shop, frames it this way: “The Dreslyn is a specialty store at the base. Our aim is to offer an edited selection of product that best serves our clients’ daily lives.”
So whether it's sourcing a cozy sweater, cutting board, or cleanser, the criteria is the same — and the vetting process is rigorous. "I look for a common language between our brands: similar values, aesthetics, and ideals,” Corcia says. Translation: If you love a store's clothing, you'll likely love its beauty offerings, too.
Ahead, a strong case for why your next great beauty buy may not come from a “beauty” store at all. In fact, the stores ahead are goldmines of effective and stylish products. Sometimes, it pays to look in surprising places.

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