Lena Dunham Finds Out Song Is About A Sex Thing, Can’t Deal

Lena Dunham's career is kind of founded on sex and questioning. Tiny Furniture climaxed when her Lena Dunham surrogate character had sex in one of those big pipes near construction sites. Girls is, well, you know. Even her autobiography has a vaguely sexual thing as its most famous moment. (It involves marbles, don't make us explain.) But her engagement with sex and sexuality has always been sort of like Larry David's engagement with table manners. She's willing to ask: Well, why do it this way? "Because that's how we always do it" is not a suitable answer for her. It's her best and perhaps most infuriating quality. So it makes sense, in a weird way, that she would not understand that Ariana Grande's song "Side to Side" is a sex thing. The song, which is about getting fucked so hard you start crab walking, includes Nicki Minaj referencing "dick bicycles," so it's not completely out of left field. But Dunham was stunned when boyfriend Jack Antonoff (name kind of sounds like a sex thing, let's just move on) told her about it. She even hopped on the Twitter bicycle to express her shock.
What emotions? Whatever, not important.
Ariana Grande responded with a series of emoji that translate to: "I see you, eye, coffee, bicycle." Not sure what those mean. She also confirmed the meaning to MTV. “That whole song is about riding leading to soreness,” Grande said on the VMAs red carpet. “Ride dick bicycle is the lyric, indeed.” Anyways, our final evaluation: The bass line in "Side to Side" sounds like when people make the "bow-chik-a-wow-wow" noise that your dad thinks is funny. Should have realized it was about sex. Also, dick bicycle. Here's the video.

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