29 Outfits That Break Fashion’s Most Annoying “Rules”

If we published a book that contained every single "fashion rule" we've ever been told to follow, well, it'd likely be the size of an encyclopedia. And once we accounted for color-coordination, styling tips, or "flattering your figure" (sigh), this how-to-dress rulebook would essentially leave us with nothing but black A-line dresses to wear. And where's the fun in that?
No one (and we mean no one) knows how to ditch, disobey, and totally ignore said "rules" like street style stars. They take the pieces so many would refuse to wear, that so many would dub "unflattering," that so many could never even understand why something that crazy would ever even be produced (let alone bought), and turn them on their heads. They prove that even the most wild of items have potential, all you need is a little creativity and a whole lot of confidence. Sure, some may call it peacocking and vying for attention. We call it playing the game by your own rules.
The 29 women ahead are pros at doing just that. Click on to see how good creating your own style looks.

September is typically a time when fashion publications definitively tell you what’s in, and what’s out.
Fuck that. We’re dedicating the next couple of weeks to celebrate all the iconoclasts, independent thinkers, and individuals with unique personal styles who’d rather say Fuck The Fashion Rules than follow them.