Who Will Host The 2017 Oscars? Men, Only Men

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Want to know who's going to host the 89th Academy Awards? That's easy, a man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the shortlist for who will be hosting this year's Oscars includes only men. The magazine found through asking people within the industry that the people who are being considered for 2017 hosting duties are Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Eddie Murphy, who was supposed to host back in 2012 but ended up stepping down. The last time a woman hosted the Oscars was back in 2014 when Ellen DeGeneres led the show for the second time. While that was only two years ago, DeGeneres was only the second woman to host the biggest night in movies solo. Whoopi Goldberg is the first; she's hosted four times. The Hollywood Reporter found that the problem with hosting the Oscars is it's a thankless job that pays little and requires a lot of work. THR reported that Golden Globe hosting darlings Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been vocal about not wanting the job. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has also reportedly turned it down before, both by herself and with Jerry Seinfeld. Amy Schumer was asked to host last year's awards with Chris Rock, but turned it down. He ended up hosting the show alone, which was the third least-watched show in history. There is one woman who is possibly in the running to have a hand in the show: Dana Brunetti, who produced The Social Network and Netflix's House of Cards and could produce the Oscars too. The announcement of who will host the show is slated to be announced in the next two weeks.

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