Game Of Thrones' Newest Actor Is A Harry Potter Veteran

Game of Thrones, in its never-ending quest to employ every living British actor, has hired a veteran of Hogwarts to shore up their already-impressive cast. Oscar winner Jim Broadbent will join Game of Thrones for season 7, according to EW.

Broadbent played Horace Slughorn as part of the Harry Potter franchise, but has starred in a huge number of films ranging from Time Bandits to Brazil to Bridget Jones’s Diary. He's been nominated for an Emmy playing the titular role on Longford and a best supporting actor Oscar for the 2001 film Iris.

The only other piece of hard news about Broadbent's casting is that his role will be "significant." But the speculation machine has already revved up to midseason speeds, so we can offer our ideas about who he might play. The most likely candidate seems to be Marwyn the Mage, who is archmaester of the Citadel. The archmaester plays a key role in Samwell Tarley's development at the Citadel, which is the seat of Westerosi knowledge. Basically, he's the dude who knows the most at the place that holds all the dudes that know the most. He's basically described as a big fat drunk guy, which doesn't sound like Broadbent, but they've played fast and loose with character descriptions before.

We'll have to wait until next season to find out.

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