A New Scream Queens Promo Hints At An Emma Roberts & John Stamos Romance

In addition to featuring a very creepy version of Lea Michele, Scream Queens has also brought on two exciting new cast members: John Stamos and Taylor Lautner. And based on a new promo for the second season, the show is milking them both for all their worth. The video shows Lautner's character Dr. Cassidy Cascade introducing himself to Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) as "basically female Viagra." It seems like a romance could be brewing between them. But then, there's a scene where Chanel and Stamos's character Dr. Brock Holt are at the movies. "Grope at will, doctor," she says, as he places his arm around her.
Another promo from earlier this month showed Roberts kissing Lautner on her hospital bed, so it seems like both new actors will be involved with her in some way. Perhaps there'll be a love triangle? We can't wait to see the romance — or romances — develop when the season premieres on September 20.

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