This Kanye West & Stranger Things Mashup Totally Delivers

Kanye's VMAs speech was a thing of surreal beauty. The genius transitioned seamlessly between ideas, concepts, and sentence clauses without signalling that he was changing the subject. Sometimes he would start a sentence in one place and finish it by comparing himself to Howard Hughes, who was famous for never leaving his hotel room and storing his urine in jars. Also, designing big airplanes. Another popular thing is Stranger Things, a Netflix show about what it's like when you put Winona Ryder into a nostalgia-mobile and put a brick on the accelerator. It's a good show. Anyways, filmmaker Dominick Nero has combined those things. Kanye and Stranger Things. Kanye Things. Watch his mashup, it's good. It answers an age-old question. And that question is: What if Kanye is secretly a soul-eating monster from another dimension?

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