Did This Site Just Accidentally Reveal The Theme For American Horror Story Season 6?

Wait! Did Rotten Tomatoes just disclose the theme for the upcoming season of American Horror Story? The site has updated its American Horror Story page to include one for the upcoming sixth season. The headline on the page reads "American Horror Story: The Mist," in spite of the fact that neither FX nor series creator Ryan Murphy has released the theme for season 6. Does this mean "The Mist" is the answer to the question that has been plaguing AHS fans? Maybe, maybe not. Rotten Tomatoes may have just gotten ahead of itself. Or maybe it should assign itself a "Certified Spoiled" rating? No one in the know has officially confirmed "The Mist." Even so, the official AHS Twitter account posted a picture from "The Mist" teaser, along with the completely unhelpful and cryptic caption, "You can't run from us...#AHS6." Online, AHS fans aren't convinced that the move by Rotten Tomatoes was actually a slip. Discussing the topic on the American Horror Story Reddit, fans mostly seemed to feel it was just another diversion. Several users pointed out that "The Mist" is also the title of a Stephen King novella (and movie), and felt it was unlikely that FX or Murphy would go there. The theme for season 6 has been a hot topic of speculation in recent weeks. The show has released multiple trailers, each hinting at a different creepy premise. "The Mist" was just one of many, but, maybe this is more than just another red herring ahead of the show's September 14 premiere. You can check out the "Mist" teaser for yourself, below.

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