This Coffee Drink Will Be Tea-Lovers’ New Obsession

Photo: Courtesy of Sunup.
If you happen to be a bona fide tea-lover who just isn't into black coffee's bitter taste, but is looking for that same caffeine kick — well, we may have just found a drink that was made for you. NYC-based company Sunup has created a bottled beverage that boasts brewed unroasted (i.e. green) coffee beans, with the claim that its "taste is unlike any coffee you've ever had." So, when a box of these green coffee drinks arrived at our offices, we were ready to put that claim to the taste test. At first glance, Sunup resembled a bottle of iced tea — no ominous coffee coloring, here. I opened a bottle, and there was no coffee scent, either (only a faint hint of green tea). And although the label suggested it's "best served chilled," I took my first sip at room temperature (not bad!). In the end, what looked like tea and smelled like tea also tasted like sweetened tea. So if you need coffee-level caffeination but prefer sipping tea (literally), Sunup could be your new drink of choice.

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