Key & Peele Just Made Two Lame Jokes About Oral Sex & Nicki Minaj

Key and Peele, who are generally known for their sly, subversive humor, made some lame oral-sex jokes during the MTV VMAs. Early in the awards show, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande performed their new track "Side to Side." The stars were joined on stage by male dancers, who pantomimed going down on both women near the end of the performance. Key and Peele's hot take? "Red alert," Keegan-Michael Key began, "If your son just went to the bathroom, he's not peeing." Key went on to call Minaj a "cunning linguist," probably the greatest joke from your sophomore year of high school.
Online, fans of the women rolled their eyes at the commentary.
The crass jokes fell flat and were out of character for the usually funny men. Their eponymous Comedy Central show featured interesting and original skits like "Movie Hecklers" and "Substitute Teachers." But their VMAs performance was decidedly unconvincing.

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