Watch Pokémon Dance Perfectly To Ariana Grande

Pokémon are apparently huge Ariana Grande fans. That's the only thing we can assume after a video surfaced of a pair of the pocket monsters (Dragonite and Charizard, to be exact) getting down to Grande's "Into You." We'll just show you the video because that's what you came for.
Cool, right? But also: What is happening? The Pokémon are perfectly on-beat, their dance moves even make sense. Either there's a dark wizard at play or an Ariana Grande stan has a lot of time on her hands. Turns out, due to some expert meme archaeology by Stereogum, that the clip of the big fake lizards originates from this song by GARNiDELiA, a Japanese pop artist. And Grande isn't the only person to have their song matched with these big galoots. There's a whole sub-meme of other songs with the lizards. Watch.
But really there was only ever one song that could do them justice. We implore you to watch.

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