Eating Ramen Just Got Very Futuristic

A man goes out to dinner and realizes he'd like a companion. So, he uses the QR code the restaurant provided him to summon a virtual reality date, who converses with him and even offers him some of her ramen noodles. This might sound like some sort of sequel to the movie Her, but it's actually happening. As in, right now. In real life. Or at least in virtual life. Until August 31, customers of the Osaka restaurant Sasayama get free QR codes along with their ramen that allow them to access VR videos of people eating alongside them, RocketNews24 reports. Specifically, these virtual dates are the members of Hamburgirl Z, a singing group whose songs center on the theme of Hamburgers. Yes, hamburgers. Don't ask us. Here's what it looks like.
Our only complaint is that the selection of meal partners seems a little homogenous. If the purpose is to mimic a date, they could at least throw a few dudes in there. Still, dining out with a virtual hamburger singer does beat eating packaged ramen alone.

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