Could Beet Juice Provide A Healthy, Alcohol-Free Wine Alternative?

Photo: Richard Nowitz Photography/Getty Images.
There's a lot to be said for beets. They're packed with antioxidants. They might help you run faster, Some have even called them a superfood. And, apparently, they make for a very realistic wine alternative. At least that's what several restauranteurs are banking on. According to Mic, the drink has been popping up at upscale restaurant bars in New York City as of late. Eamon Rockey makes the drink at Betony with apple juice, sometimes some oolong tea (depending on the type of wine he's imitating), and of course, beet juice. Confused? So are we. That mixture doesn't exactly sound like it tastes like wine. But Rockey said it's far better than the grape-based alternatives he's tried, which taste like kids' juices. Nick Duble, who directs the bar Atera, prefers black currants and simple syrup to mix with the beet juice. The basic concept, Rockey explained, is that pregnant women and others who choose to abstain from alcohol might still enjoy the taste and social ritual of wine-drinking. They just don't want to alcohol. Plus, beet juice does have all those health benefits. There just might be a market for this after all.

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