Maisie Williams Just Read The Next Season Of Game Of Thrones & Uh-Oh

The first word about next season of Game of Thrones is starting to leak out. Kit Harington said that he felt things would get much much darker before they got better. But he prefaced his remarks by saying he hadn't read the final seasons. Well, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark, duh) has read the next season. And she has some thoughts. Here they are, in the form of some tweets.
Ok, here's some things we think could shock Maisie Williams: Petyr Baelish betrays Jon Snow and tries to retake Winterfell, taking Sansa hostage in the process. Jaime Lannister kills his sister Cersei. Daenerys easily takes over King's Landing but proves to be kind of a terrible ruler. Jon Snow dies again. Arya wakes up and discovers it was all a dream. Bran does something right, for once. But really, the only truly shocking development would be if all the characters decided to stop playing the Game of Thrones and became friends, living happily ever after.

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