Pokémon Burgers Are Real (This Means You Can Eat Pikachu)

Now that you can put Pokémon on your face, it’s about time that you got those suckers in your mouth. As always, an Australian is here to help. Burger pop-up Down N’ Out, which is an apparent homage to California burger chain In-N-Out, is offering a selection of burgers that look like Pokémon. Roll that beautiful burg footage.

The secret is OUT! This weeks special is going to be HUGE! ???? tag a mate who would bite Pikachu's face off.

A photo posted by Down N' Out (@downnout_) on

Those are quality burgs. The Pikachu burg seems to have chips in it, and also three types of cheese and maybe some dang peppers. The Bulbasaur burg seems to have broccoli. Ew, yuck! Let’s enhance the PikaBurg.
Wow, looks like we’ve got several types of meat, maybe some eggs in there, jalapeños, some probably spicy pickles. That’s looks good as heck. We’re going to Sydney. And hurry, because these burgers are in a limited run and will go quickly.

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