These Parents Couldn’t Find A Wheelchair For Their Paralyzed Daughter — So They Made One

Two-year-old Evelyn "Eva" Moore was diagnosed with cancer when she was only four months old. After eight rounds of chemotherapy to treat the inoperable neuroblastoma tumor doctors found near her spine, her cancer went into remission, but not before it left her paralyzed below her arms. Her mother, Kim Moore, told CBC News that it was "heartbreaking," but she quickly sought out a creative solution. After being told Eva was too young for a traditional wheelchair, Moore researched DIY wheelchair options on Pinterest. She then handed the plans off to her husband and Eva's father, Brad, who built it in a single night. The chair consists of a Bumbo chair (a common type of chair for infants), a cutting board, and wheels from a children's bike. Eva's parents explained that they wanted to give her the chance to explore her surroundings like any other toddler. It's just that, instead of learning to crawl, Eva's learning to brake. "The willpower that she has, and how adaptable she is to her situation, is something I never really expected. And how quickly she's grasping it has really blown me away," her father told CBC. "Nothing can stop her." Check out the video above to see Eva in action.

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