The Internet Created Another Golden Olympics Meme

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images.
When you have an event like the Olympics, which is watched by millions every night, people are bound to notice parts of the coverage that seem — um — odd. While NBC's Rio broadcast has been criticized for being both one-sided and sexist, there have also been hilarious gems, such as the across divers' lower sections. Now, many viewers have picked up on something even more humorous.
The bright green background of the Rio logo and its accompanying green walls at the athletic venues are making it look as though all of the athletes are standing in front of a giant green screen. Green screens are typically used when filming TV shows or movies that are heavy with special effects. Why? It's easy to edit out the green later on so that Harry Potter, for example, looks like he's battling Dementors, and superheroes are jumping off dangerously steep cliffs, without actually performing the stunts. The irony of the green screen effect wasn't lost on those watching the Olympic coverage. Many people, including athletes, began requesting that someone put their Photoshop skills to work for some entertaining, green screen-inspired memes.
When the men's tennis final between Andy Murray and Juan Martín del Potro took place on a green court, with Rio green floors and walls around it, the internet obliged fans' wishes. As noted by The Verge, imgur user factionman has created the most viral images so far. First, Murray and del Potro were playing in a fish tank.
Then, they were battling through hot, flowing lava.
And somehow, they even made it into the Star Wars opening sequence.
While we have yet to see people take advantage of the green screen in many other sports, there was also this well-played juxtaposition of Olympic weight lifting with a cheering audience from what looks like a theater in the 1950s.
Oh, internet, you never disappoint. Now, when are the memes of Simone Biles flying through the galaxy going to go viral on Twitter?

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