Lena Headey Says Cersei Is A Feminist Who Has Lost All Vestiges Of Humanity

Lena Headey does not see things ending well for Cersei on Game of Thrones. The Emmy-nominated actress thinks that Cersei may have seen all her humanity fall out of the window alongside her son Tommen. That’s what she told TheWrap in an interview published Tuesday.

She says that although Cersei ended in a powerful place, she doesn’t have a good feeling about her character’s end.

“I don’t feel comfort, I’m pondering where she can go from here,” Headey tells TheWrap. “I don’t think it will end well. Who knows?”

And she breaks down the exact moment that Cersei fully turns to the dark side.

“The thing that gave her humanity was her kids,” Headey tells TheWrap. “They’re gone now. Her father is gone. [Her brother] Tyrion is gone. There’s no one to tell her she can’t, she’s stupid, she’s just a woman. I think when Jaime looks anything other than happy, she has a ‘f— you’ moment. This will be such an interesting season for them. Where do they go? It’s so toxic now.”

Where do they go? Well, considering that they started the show by doing incest and then crippling a child, one presumes that any further depravity is icing on the cake. But, you know, whatever. After all, Cersei basically perpetrated the worst terrorist attack in Westerosi history on her own people, so she’s done the last remaining unforgivable thing. That’s short of fratricide, which doesn’t even seem remotely implausible. So, uh, watch out for that.

Interestingly, Headey also thinks of Cersei as a feminist.

"Obviously that’s not her motivation, but yes," she tells TheWrap. "It’s sad she never got to raise her daughter, we would’ve seen a great parent. Feminist, yes — early stages."

Sure, she's a homicidal maniac that will destroy cities to get what she wants. But she's a feminist homicidal maniac that will destroy cities to get what she wants. It's important to keep that in mind.

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