There's A Great Story Behind These Adorable "Micro-Lofts"

Photo: Courtesy of Architecture by Northeast Collaborative Architects/Ben Jacobsen
America’s OG shopping mall, The Arcade, was built way back in 1829 in Providence, RI. The gorgeous Greek revival building was named one of the finest commercial buildings in the history of American architecture by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it earned National Historic Landmark status in 1976. The remarkable building has been through its fair share of rough times over the past 188 years. According to the Northeast Collaborative Architects, the Arcade has endured a fire, several major hurricanes, and economic turmoil. After all that, this historic landmark was in danger of losing its majesty, until Northeast Collaborative Architects stepped in to transform the space and restore it to its former glory.

The main level now holds 17 small retail spaces that hark back to the building’s original purpose. Unlike most malls you’ll visit today, this newly re-designed space has no chain stores. But more notably, the Arcade’s second and third floors have been reimagined as an apartment building, holding 48 affordable "micro-lofts." Fair Companies reports that rent for the smallest apartments runs about $550 per month, which is nearly half the average cost of rent in Providence. The lofts are a sustainable and affordable housing option that respects the legacy of this historic landmark. Take a look, ahead. (HelloGiggles)

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