This Is The Smoothest Dressage Horse Dance Ever

If you’ve ever seen dressage and thought that it would be, like, so much better if only it was set to certified Platinum song “Smooth” by Santana (feat. Rob Thomas), wow are you in for a treat. That’s because Spanish rider Severo Jurado Lopez made history by playing the track during competition.

Jurado Lopez only came in fifth, but he’s first in our hearts. Just watch.

“We spend a lot of time in our lives in this sport, and we only have five minutes in there,” Jurado Lopez told SB Nation. “So it’s a nice sentiment.”

Any time you can use your five minutes of fame to promote the work of Santana (feat. Rob Thomas), you have your priorities straight. Fun personal anecdote: I once adapted the lyrics to “Smooth” by Santana (feat. Rob Thomas) as my author bio at a reading and discovered that nobody at the reading thought that that joke was as funny as I thought it was.

Gawker helpfully created a version of the performance using a karaoke version of “Smooth” by Santana (feat. Rob Thomas). So you can sing along. That’s quality service journalism, no two ways about it.

Oh, and an American rider used “Ice Ice Baby.” Boring. Next time he should try playing “Smooth” by Santana (feat. Rob Thomas) if he wants our respect.

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