The Rio Bachelorettes Who Crashed The Olympic Telecast Are Our New Heroes

What happens when a bachelorette party crashes an Olympic broadcast? Television gold. Late Saturday night, a Rio bride in a veil headband, along with her bachelorette party, disrupted a BBC Four Olympics recap with their celebratory shouting. Clearly amused by the boisterous Brazilian brunettes, announcer Scott Bryan invited the bride to join him on camera. "This could be interesting," Bryan said as the woman, who introduced herself as Maria, made her way toward him. The result is one of funniest Rio interviews so far.
Before exiting from her television debut, Maria led her bachelorettes in an Olympics-style B-B-C chant. The audience watching at home gave her a perfect 10 for spontaneity and flawless execution.
The run-in was a major highlight for the BBC Four announcer, as well.
If her impromptu interview is any indication, Maria's September 17 nuptials could make a solid play at winning the wedding Olympics.

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