Simone Biles Grabbed Her Gold Medal During An Olympic Village Fire Drill

When the Olympic Village had a fire drill, Simone Biles reached for her gold medal. While we mere mortals might have grabbed a favorite pillow or our iPhone, Biles had her priorities in order: The 19-year-old wasn't leaving her room without her Olympic gold in tow. Biles documented the fire alarm saga on Snapchat. When the drill began, she and the "Final Five" ran out as instructed, but not without their gold medals. "When fire alarm take medal," she captioned.
Photo: Elite Daily/Snapchat.
She also shared details about the drill on twitter. Before leaving her room, she grabbed another piece of precious cargo: her gym bag. "When a fire alarm goes off in your building, grab your medal and gym bag," she tweeted.
Reports out of the Olympic Village make Biles' choice to go for her gold before leaving her room especially sensible. Earlier this month, Australian athletes were robbed when they evacuated their quarters because of a small fire, according to CNN.

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