Kim Kardashian’s Doing That Cupping Thing, Too

If you've been watching the Olympics, you may have seen Michael Phelps and other athletes with red circles on their bodies. These are a byproduct of cupping, an ancient Chinese technique that involves putting hot glass suction cups on your body to stimulate blood flow and speed muscle recovery. This isn't just for athletes, though. None other than Kim Kardashian announced over Snapchat that she's giving it a try. The results aren't in yet, though she's been reassured it won't hurt.
Kim's not the only non-athlete celebrity cupper out there. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston are also fans. While studies on cupping have limited reliability because you can't rule out the placebo effect, they have suggested it's effective, and a lot of people swear by it. We're still waiting on Kim's stamp of approval, though.

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