Why We’ll Definitely Be Binge-Watching Luke Cage On Netflix

"I'm still not sure what I am," Luke Cage says in the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix series of the same name. "I'm just living my life...day to day." It's a declaration we can all relate to, but there's a slight difference between us mere mortals and Marvel's latest character. Played by Mike Colter, Cage is a regular man who becomes bulletproof after an experiment gone wrong, and reluctantly finds himself becoming a superhero in Harlem. From the first clip, Luke Cage looks like it's going to be full of action, cliffhangers, and perhaps even a love story or two (and, yes, plenty of eye candy). The show also features a stellar cast, including Rosario Dawson, Mahershala Ali, and Alfre Woodard. Would you look at that, Hollywood? It is possible to cast a mostly minority cast in a major series! Watch the full trailer below. The first season of Luke Cage hits Netflix September 30.

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