The Important Reason Robin Williams’ Daughter Is Taking A Social Media Break

While many late celebrities' families post heartfelt tributes to them, there's more than one way to grieve. So, Robin Williams' daughter Zelda has decided to leave social media as the anniversary of his death approaches, according to People. She explained her decision over Twitter on Sunday, and her reasoning makes a lot of sense. "For those who always ask why, it's so people can memorialize Dad on the anniversary of his death however they wish without me having to feel bombarded by it, or pressured by the expectation put on myself or my family to publicly acknowledge or join in doing so," she wrote. "I will always be so grateful for all the love the world had and continues to have for dad, but for obvious reasons, it's sometimes harder to be the sort of surviving public vessel for receiving those sentiments, and one often expected to somehow flawlessly express them back." On Thursday, August 11, Robin Williams will be dead for two years. Zelda encourages those looking to keep his memory alive to donate to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which supports the search for a cure for spinal cord injuries, or the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which helps people with physical disabilities get involved in sports. But mostly, she wrote, "you should continue to remember Dad however you want!" We're glad she's doing that too.

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