8 Times The Parents On Rugrats Were The Worst

Photo: Everett Collection.
From Betty Draper to Lucious Lyon, TV has shown us plenty of bad parents. But subpar parenting isn't just relegated to live-action television; it's a common trope in cartoons, too.
Perhaps some of the worst parents of all time appear on a little Nickelodeon cartoon called Rugrats. It's been 25 years since Nick first aired the show about the secret lives of babies. Rugrats became one of the most iconic animated series of the '90s, spawning spin-offs and several movies, featuring the tots taking on new adventures around the world.
And none of those adventures would have been possible if their parents weren't so damn awful and neglectful. Seriously, re-watching Rugrats on Hulu as an adult makes you wonder how the Pickles family was able to avoid a visit from child services for so long.
We've rounded up just a few examples of the parents from Rugrats being the worst. Click ahead and shake your head.

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